End Malnutrition

There are over 2 billion people lacking access to vital nutrients.

Micronutrient deficiencies (not getting enough vitamins and minerals) are the leading cause of intellectual disability in children, preventable blindness among adults, and maternal death during childbirth.

Children suffer from mental impairment in the first 5 years
Malaria deaths each year
Children become blind each year, due to insufficient vitamin A (most die within 12 months)

Food fortification saves lives

Food fortification is common in the developed world. We see it every day in our cereal and milk and salt—it costs about ten cents per person per year. But two billion people don’t get what most of us take for granted.

It’s more cost effective than vaccinations in preventing or fighting disease. Micronutrient deficiency materially compromises the immune system of over 40% of the children in the developing world. It increases their chances of dying from curable diseases like measles, malaria, and diarrhea by about 35%.

It is a solvable problem that if addressed improves health, longevity, quality of life, national resources and education. That’s why we are so passionate about it.

Sanku Small Scale Fortification

We have designed and implemented the first of its kind, innovative technological and business solution for the 90% of people eating from small scale mills throughout developing countries.

Small scale fortification is implemented at the peri urban and rural level, filling a gap to reach millions of those not serviced by large scale fortification programs.

Refugee & At-risk Communities (RAC) Program

Millions of women and children live in refugee camps or urban slums without any access to a healthy diet. These are the most vulnerable and forgotten people that we share our planet with. We have the means to fix that.

People living in refugee camps
That’s equivalent to the entire country of France

Our Partners And Supporters

“Sanku delivers the most promising solution to end malnutrition for the poorest kids in the world. That’s what we are excited about and that’s why we invest in them.”

“By providing technical assistance to Governments in fortifying staple foods, Project Healthy Children helps to avert malnutrition and micronutrient deficiency for around 5 cents / person / year.”

“PHC is working globally to bring fortified food to the hardest to reach and most vulnerable populations [with] an effective model and game changing technology.”

“PHC/Sanku stands out from the vast majority of organizations we have considered in terms of the evidence base for their work and their transparency.”

“The grants we’re making today are designed to teach us how to have the greatest impact long-term.”

“PHC is a global leader in micronutrient fortification. At around 25 cents per person a year, micronutrient fortification is one of the most cost-effective preventative health measures available.”

“PHC/Sanku is an exceptional example of using technology and know-how to solve one of the world’s biggest problems”

Large Scale Fortification

Great reach. Big impact. High return.

PHC’s Enact Monitoring works with governmental partners to monitor the compliance of nationwide food fortification programs that reach tens of millions of people. This ensures the correct vitamins and minerals reach the people who need them most. Enact’s efforts allow a country’s population to develop into healthy and contributing members of the community.

Millions of People Reached by PHC’s Efforts

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