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A Mother’s Story

It began when she was only four years old. Polio attacked her weak system, leaving permanent physical damage to her legs and arms. Her name is Mama Tunu. Now a local business woman in her fifty’s, she is determined to prevent this from happening to the next generation. Mama Tunu has chosen to produce healthy and nutritious flour for her community, which not only improves their health, but even saves lives.

Because of donors like you, Sanku was able to repair and upgrade Mama Tunu’s flour mill. The Tanzania government has now even awarded her close to a perfect 100% compliance score for clean and safe fortified flour.

Since improving her mill, word has spread to Mama Tunu’s customer base and beyond. She is now receiving regular calls from locals throughout the region requesting her healthy flour, including Masai tribes living in the rugged interior.

It is our duty to help incredible people like Mama Tunu. She, and many millers like her, are the heroes that will end malnutrition.

With your generosity, we able to expand and support millers across Tanzania, reaching millions in need.