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Success In Zimbabwe

Story by Arthur Pagiwa – Country Coordinator

When we began our project in Zimbabwe, nearly three-quarters of the children in my country suffered from some form of micronutrient malnutrition. We didn’t have policy and regulations on food fortification, these are now in place and are being implemented by industry. This will ensure the majority of the Zimbabwean population has access to fortified foods in the shops as maize meal, wheat flour, cooking oil and sugar are mandatorily fortified.

This progress is personal to me, and why I am so proud of our work. I was born here in Zimbabwe, and have built my career around nutrition, in order to improve my country.

I grew up in a farming town called Chinhoyi on the western banks of the Manyame River with my six brothers and sisters.

Although I hold qualifications in Food Science, Nutrition, and Strategic Management, the issues of malnutrition and general poor health are not academic for me because I have witnessed and managed malnourished children in my work as a nutritionist in the Ministry of Health and Child Care and outside of it.

I know what it is like to hold and manage a malnourished child, and what happens to them when they do not get adequate and nutritious food.

Our work impacts my family, friends, and community—and as such Zimbabweans are helping one another, and taking responsibility in enhancing our nutritional well being, reducing the need for handouts.

My hope is that everybody in my country has access to fortified foods. Nutrition is my passion, and I want to play my part with PHC in ensuring that people have access to safe and nutritious food and free from nutrient deficiencies.