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Nutritious Foods for 100 Million people

We will end malnutrition in Africa through Sanku’s small-scale food fortification efforts.

2 billion people globally suffer from malnutrition, and Africa is hardest hit. Most don’t have access to healthy foods, and every meal is primarily starchy flour. The lack of key vitamins and minerals, especially in a child’s diet, results in millions of people dying every year from preventable sicknesses.

The solution? We add micronutrients that are scientifically proven to improve health and vitality, into the food Africans eat the most.

How? Sanku installs a dosifier machine, which adds a precise amount of critical nutrients to flour, onto the small African flour mills that produce and sell the staple food families eat every day.

Sanku offsets the cost of the miller’s nutrients by bulk buying empty flour bags, which are then sold to the millers to pack their flour. The savings from each flour bag are enough to cover the entire price of the miller’s nutrients.

Sanku monitors the miller’s use of the dosifier remotely through a cellular link, and visits the mill if the machine is not in use or needs repair, as well as to restock their nutrients.

The result? Now it is easy for rural millers to produce quality fortified flour, and families can finally afford to buy and eat healthy food everyday (a 31% increase seen in Tanzania). Children get the key nutrients they need and lives are saved.

By 2021, Sanku will 3,000 mills, 20 MILLION people at a cost of $0.02 per person per year, sustained through our flour bag sales.

How do we scale? Africa has thousands of small mills. Sanku will reach them cheaply and easily with our staffing model. Each Sanku staff member looks after 100 flour mills, which produce for 500,000 people in total, allowing us to scale to 100 million people by 2025.

We cannot continue to do this critical work without your support. You are among the key supporters helping us to reach our goal of ending malnutrition in Africa.