In addition to the top charity recommendations by Giving What We Can, and The Life You Can Save organizations, Project Healthy Children has received a participation grant from the non-profit evaluator, GiveWell.

The recommendation process for all three organizations is in-depth and rigorous, and Giving What We Can has selected PHC as one of only four top charities. The Life You Can Save has also selected PHC as one of only 17 top charities.

GiveWell conducts in-depth evaluations on organizations they believe are effective non-profits, including interviews with staff, reviews of publicly-available and internal documents about the organization’s work and plans, and site visits to the organization’s programs. GiveWell’s mission is to find outstanding charities and to publish the full details of their analysis to help donors decide where to give. They identify top charities using four criteria: their effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, transparency, and room for more funding.

Along with the endorsements from Giving What We Can and The Life You Can Save, this participation grant validates our successes and progress thus far, as well as our strong commitment to leveraging our donor’s support in ways that have the highest impact on the populations we serve.

We are grateful to all of our supporters who help us to persist in our efforts to see adequately fortified food reach those most in need in Rwanda, Burundi, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya, and Mozambique. We look forward to continuing current efforts and expanding into new ones when and where possible.

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