End Malnutrition in Africa

There are over 2 billion people lacking access to vital nutrients.

Micronutrient deficiencies (not getting enough vitamins and minerals) are the leading cause of intellectual disability in children, preventable blindness among adults, and maternal death during childbirth.

Children suffer from mental impairment in the first 5 years
Preventable malaria deaths each year
Children die everyday from malnutrition

What we do

We scale technology and business solutions that put critical nutrients into the food that hundreds of millions of malnourished people eat the most. By doing so, we are guaranteeing that every meal, for every mother and child, contains lifesaving nutrients, forever.

We close the gap in Fortification

Food fortification is common in the developed world. We see it every day in our cereal and milk and salt. But two billion people don’t get what most of us take for granted.

Food fortification works, but large-scale programs have limited reach in Africa. For example, over 50 million Tanzanians eat maize flour everyday, yet 95% of this flour is produced at small-scale remote mills. The people most in need of better nutrition are not getting it.

Our Smart Technology

In partnership with Vodafone, our dosifiers are now Smart! Equipped with cellular enabled technology, we can now remote monitor all our flour mills in real-time over the network, direct to our devices, anywhere in the world, alerting us when a machine needs to be fixed or a mill restocked with nutrients.

We are even more cost-effective because less staff are required for monitoring and service. Technology can reach thousands. Smart technology reaches millions.

People we will reach by 2025
That’s more than 275 sold-out Wembley stadiums daily

Our Partners And Supporters

“Sanku-PHC delivers the most promising solution to end malnutrition for the poorest kids in the world. That’s what we are excited about and that’s why we invest in them.”

“Sanku-PHC is a charity that we began investigating in recent years, and it has been one of our promising charities for nearly 2 years.”

“Sanku-PHC is working globally to bring fortified food to the hardest to reach and most vulnerable populations [with] an effective model and game changing technology.”

“Sanku-PHC stands out from the vast majority of organizations we have considered in terms of the evidence base for their work and their transparency.”

“GAIN recommends the use of these dosifiers for small-scale and medium scale applications.”

“Sanku-PHC is a global leader in micronutrient fortification. At around 25 cents per person a year, micronutrient fortification is one of the most cost-effective preventative health measures available.”

“Sanku-PHC is an exceptional example of using technology and know-how to solve one of the world’s biggest problems.”

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