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Success In Tanzania

Story by Stanford – Sanku Mill Support Manager

Healthy food helps the body fight disease. I lost my older sister and my brother to malaria even though they were careful with the nets. Last year, my uncle died from typhoid as well. At Sanku, I learned that with fortified foods, almost one quarter fewer people die of malaria because their bodies are stronger and can fight the sickness. The same is true with typhoid. My uncle might not have died if he’d eaten healthy food.

That’s why I wanted to work for Sanku. What we do with Sanku in my community is very important. I grew up in Morogoro. The people we help are my neighbors.

My sister who died from malaria was a preacher. When she got sick, she believed God would save her. I still believe in God, but I think he doesn’t save us by himself. He brings us knowledge and the skills to take care of ourselves. That’s how God saves us. That is why I work for Sanku.

In my town, I know many people who have died. I don’t want any more of my friends to die when they don’t have to. I am proud we will help one million people in my region eat healthier food this year. I want them to be able to fight disease.

But I don’t want to stop with just Morogoro. I want everyone to have a chance to be healthy. We want to reach one-hundred million people with Sanku. I think we can do that because the millers want to help and the mamas and fathers want good food for their children. They like making healthy food.

But I don’t know if one-hundred million is enough. There are many people who need our help.

I’m proud of what I have done to help my community. I want to work for Sanku forever.